Influenced by her learned instrument: drums, AMSL has been inspired by percussive sounds and rhythms since an early age.

This is the reason why AMSL’s sets serve a wide, cross-genre field of electronic club music from house, break and acid influences, often with strong percussive, functional and vocal elements. When she started recording first mixes and releasing them on SoundCloud by the end of 2018, she quickly gained support from various sectors of Cologne’s event and club scene. AMSL played one of her first gigs at Autonomes Zentrum Cologne and JAKI Club as a part of the Cologne Music Week/ c/o pop.In and outside Cologne you can find her in clubs like Gewölbe, JAKI, Odonien, Watergate, Goldener Reiter and festivals like Zugvögel Festival. AMSL is part of the 8 member all female DJ crew e.p.i.q from Cologne with whom she has hosted and curated various parties since 2021.