A beacon of the next wave in techno, BLANKA originates from Córdoba, Spain
and is currently based in Berlin. Her Spanish origins infuse her style with hints
of warm, exotic landscapes, twisted with sonic patterns that will mesmerise
any crowd.
Together with her partner Angioma, she spearheads Room Trax, a label and
multidisciplinary event series igniting both Berlin and Barcelona scenes. As a
skilled DJ and producer, she has released on eminent labels like Setaoc Mass’s
SK_eleven and Slam’s enduring Soma Records, validating her studio prowess.

BLANKA’s talent has been widely noticed in the techno scene, leading to
invitations to perform at global institutions including Berlin’s Berghain, Tresor,
Fabrik Madrid, Elysia Basel, Radion/ Bret/ Lofi in Amsterdam, KHIDI Tbilisi, Fuse
Brussels, FOLD London, Garbicz Festival – just to name a few. Her path is full of
sure promise, a sign of a bright future ahead.