By not taking usual paths and knowing his inner self, it all felt natural for Ignez to devote more of his life to electronic music. His roots are in between dust of sand and waves of salt water. Ignez grew up near the coast of The Netherlands where hypnotizing waves and infinitive dunes shaped his sound. He fled the conservative world by sketching his own reality with these elements of nature. This became inextricably linked within his consciousness and reflects back into his music today, bringing a tight yet indefinable techno sound.

He has shaped his own path through his imprint, Somov Records, where he unveiled his distinctive sound and artistic vision for the first time. In addition to his own imprint, he has made an indelible impact on influential labels such as Token and SK_eleven, enchanting audiences worldwide with mesmerizing releases. Notably, Ignez has collaborated with Rødhåd. Together, they have created two EPs that showcase their unique musical synergy.

In his DJ sets, Ignez transports the audience into a mesmerizing sonic journey, captivating their senses and lifting the dancefloor to a higher state of being and a collective oceanic feeling. His driving, hypnotic, and minimalistic approach pulls listeners into a magnetic trance, where the pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies create an immersive sonic experience. His residency at the esteemed underground Eerste Communie has been the cornerstone of his development as a DJ, fostering experience that has grown with him from a young age.

From intimate club settings to renowned festivals, his sets evoke a transformative experience, inviting listeners to embark on a sonic odyssey and dive into the depths of his sonic universe.