Trends come and go, but some music is simply timeless. This is where Mareena’s focus as an artist lies. As a resident at Tresor and label owner at Unrush, she continues to leave her unmistakable mark as an artist. As a DJ she is a chameleon, carefully stitching together immaculate and immersive sounds that will quickly turn any discerning dance floor into a sweaty rave. Lush ambient sets create a balance within Mareena’s musical sphere, and one can immediately sense that she feels at home no matter the setting. 

However, her career encompasses much more than just DJing. In the last few years, she has also emerged as an adept producer, with releases on Muzan Editions, Tresor, as well her own label, Unrush. These releases display the refinement of her production skills, where her dedication to modular synthesis has transpired into a palpable passion for discovering new sonic pathways.

Unrush has grown too. With over 60 mixes and 4 compilations released to date, the series has expanded to include a broad family of artists and shows no signs of slowing down. All of these achievements have established Mareena as a powerful artistic and curatorial voice within the underground electronic music scene.